10 understandable tips to know, if your boyfriend/ husband really misses you. 

When a girl is in a relationship, the best way to know how much her boyfriend cares for her is by staying apart for some time. 

Some like to create a gap deliberately to get some space and understand each other better while some couples need to stay away because of circumstances such as work, official trip or family commitments. When you miss someone, it clearly indicates how much you love and care for that person. The feeling of emptiness when your boyfriend stays away is enough to create turmoil in your life. The confusion gets deeper when you miss your boyfriend terribly and you don’t know whether he is missing you the same way.

You should understand that along with physical traits, human beings differ from each other in behaviour also. But when they are in relationship, you would be amazed to know that their behaviour seems similar. This is especially seen in men. Here are some ways to know that your boyfriend is missing you.

Ways to know that your boyfriend is missing you, are:

1.Frequent calls: Frequent calls or increasing number of calls every day is the most common sign of all the 10 signs your boyfriend really misses you.

2.Late night Calls: You will also note that he is calling you in weird or odd hours such as calling late night or in the early morning. This indicates he is having sleepless nights.

3.Mobile inbox: When you are busy at work and are unable to take calls, you will be amazed to see your mobile inbox full of messages or that the highest no of missed calls are from your boyfriend’s number.

4.Missing him: Another typical sign of your boyfriend really misses you is him asking you how much you love and care for him. This is just an indirect way of knowing if you are missing him too.

5.Lovely plans: He may make some lovely plans once together to show how committed he is towards the relationship. That’s a good sign of long relationship.

6.Impress you: Men are quite good when it comes to impress women. While staying apart, your boyfriend might do anything out of the box or something which you had desired from a long time just to impress you.

7.Emotional: Sometimes, signs that your boyfriend misses you could turn you emotional. For instance, he might sleep with your pillow or your gown beside him. If your belongings needs a wash after you are back, this sign shows he had a terrible time without you.

8.Silly reasons for meeting you: The cutest act of all among the 10 signs your boyfriend really misses you is deliberately creating reasons to meet you. If he is finding silly reasons for meeting you, stay assured that you boyfriend loves you from the core of his heart.

9.Places: If your boyfriend believes old memories are golden memories, he might go to places where you have been together with him to relive the moments.

10.Missing you: Most importantly, leave aside all the missed calls and messages. Try to feel the emotion in his voice when your boyfriend says he is missing you. This sign should be more than enough if both of you are in true love.

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