What is Love? The concise definition of Love. 

What is Love? The definition of Love (Getty image)

Stage 1
Love can not be captured in words, nor is there a definition. It can only be felt. It is a beautiful feeling which connects two people very deeply.

 It is a bond that binds two people from the depths of the soul. If love could easily be someone may not end easily. He could only feel love from someone who really really loves.

 There is no language of love. These Sbdvihin (wordless) occurs. Love just hears the voice of the heart. Heart beat feels.

 Love is a commitment which is devoted entirely to human love, love is a sacrifice for love which man rejects all the wealth in the world, love is a penance which human happiness, all pleasure your comfort is sacrificed for love.
Stage 2
Love is large in scope. Love is not limited to just lovers sweethearts. Love towards anyone, any human being can have. Love anyone, anyone, at any age and can be anywhere.

 Love, religion, race, color, appearance, wealth, poverty is far from. True love does not place these things anywhere. Love is just love. It just goes. Love makes a man’s thinking positive. Man in love becomes inexplicably happy, smiling no matter returns. Love makes a person full of life.

 Love makes man responsible. Love brings happiness to human life. Everything seems to be in love beautiful. Change the way of living life, love and passion is to live a happy life. Even when you’re away from loved ones, then anyone with a love of the biggest problems is easily solved. 

Teach the meaning of human life is love. Love is the force that makes the enemy’s friend. No matter how people get to earn money, no matter how much you may become rich is not true love in his life so he can never be happy.


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