Relationship Advice: 10 powerful steps to ensure a strong and healthy relationship… 

10 powerful steps to ensure a strong and healthy relationship(Getty image)

Of course, it is everybody’s dream to improve their relationship and maintain a strong and healthy relationship.  But there are certain things you must do in order to achieve that dream, which has to do with.. 

  1. Communication 
  2. Caring for the relationship 
  3. Protection 

Taking every step to make a relationship healthy, is not a day job, it requires commitment, love, care and sacrifice!  

 Relationships is important to you, it needs to be handled with delicate hands and utmost care. 

Relationships can be compared to a very delicate plant which needs constant care, patience, nurturing and protection. Watering a plant and forgetting about it does not guarantee a healthy growth of the plant; every plant is different and it needs appropriate environment where it can thrive. 

The same way, any relationship needs a secure habitat to flourish. And since relationships generally happen with other human beings, expectations, disappointments, arguments, disagreements, fights and whole lot of other emotions are involved, and there is no dodging them.

Expecting things to fall into place after an argument without a fair share of drama is asking too much. Since there are no guides for a perfect relationship, following are 10 steps that ensure a strong relationship:

1. Communication Is The Key

Good communication is the key for a strong relationship. Often in relationships, over time, responsibilities and mundane trivialities take up most of your dialogues and leave the delicate conversations, that are important to nurture your relationship, lose its priority. It is important to find time to communicate your love and appreciation, and reestablish the connection that is often lost. Complimenting, appreciating and expressing love to your partner shows that you cherish the relationship and value the person as an important part of your life.

2. Care And Nurture The Relationship

Any relationship you value demands work. As mentioned earlier, there is no going around the difficult aspects of being in a relationship. If you truly value a relationship, you have to care for the person and nurture your relationship with them; and this includes putting in the time and effort to make the person feel cared for and loved. Shower your partner with love, as often as possible, to express your affection and make sure you erase are the traces of neglect you might have inflicted on them without your knowledge.

3. Protecting The Relationship

Just like the delicate plant, your relationship needs protection. There will be external factors trying to hurt or damage your relationship; it could be insecurities, jealousies, bad history and many other factors. protecting your relationship by making it immune to these factors ensures a strong, bonding relationship.

4. Balancing Together Time And Alone Time

Every person needs their space and time alone to sort things out and do their own thing. Being in a relationship does not mean you have to spend every minute of your time together. Having your own friends and doing your own things that might not be of interest to your partner does not mean you are moving apart; when, in fact, it will make you return to each other much stronger. It is important, however, to strike a balance between alone-time and together-time, too much of anything will affect the delicate balance.

5. Cherish And Value The Relationship

It is essential to cherish your partner. Often, most of us forget to show how much we value the person we love. We take them for granted and assume that they know how much we cherish them. But, every person loves to be reminded that they are valued and cherished, is it not the very fundamental reason why we are in relationships?

6. Be Realistic And Deal With Your Differences

Once the initial high of being in a relationship wane, the trivial differences creep in. Despite the similarities you enjoy in each other, these differences often take the centre stage making the relationship dwindle. It is crucial to be realistic in expectations and accept the person the way they are and focus on things that work for the both of you, more than what doesn’t.

7. Accept Faults And Mistakes

Having expectations is one thing and expecting your partner to be the exact fragment of your imagination, is a whole different thing. Every person have their faults and every person makes mistakes. Accepting this forms the basic foundation on which any relationship blooms.

8. Don’t Change For Them Or Try To Change Them

It is often proved that people don’t really change. So, trying to change them is never a good option when it comes to long term relationships. Also, changing oneself is equally disastrous. Accepting the other person for who they are and being true to yourself is the ideal alternative.

9. Mutual, Respectful And Everlasting Friendship

Many relationship experts advocate a strong friendship to establish an everlasting relationship. Mutual friendship based on respect for each other creates a possibility for a long lasting relationship.

10. Keep It Interesting And Keep Laughing

Of course, relationship can be boring sometimes, which can be as a result of some old fashioned things you do,  which you always like repeating. I think it will be more interesting and fun to change some things strategically to get the best of the relationship…

I believe that after reading this, we can now give out our best in order to make our relationship healthy


Let’s hear from you about what you just read here, with the comment box. 


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