Ways to know you are into a Toxic Relationship… 

Relationships can be toxic, but the problem will be where you able to find out? Toxic Relationship can inflict you with pain, emotional trauma and lots more.. 

Here are some signs that your relationship is going very bad:-

1. Feeling uncomfortable:

If your relationship is going very bad, then your partner will make you feel uncomfortable. So much tension will surround you two; also, there will be lots of fights and disagreements in a relationship.

2. Your every intention and motive gets questioned:

Extreme jealousy will come in your relationship when any kind of interaction you made with your opposite gender. Constant doubts will come in their way.

3. Sadness :

If a relation is toxic, then your partner will never be happy with what you did for them. Nothing will be enough for them. 

4. Constant Argument:  Have you found out that you argue with your partner always even in simple matters which are ignorable? Listen,  that relationship is as  toxic as. Step out of that relationship and have your peace!  Because the more you stay, the more you die silently! 

5. Finding Faults: A relationship seems to be toxic if you are always looking for something to fault the other! That is not a good relationship, it is a toxic one. Kindly address the issue, if nothing has changed after your efforts to put things in place, kindly let go of that partner and live a good life. 

Are you into a toxic relationship? Have you found yourself sinking in the above mentioned?  and have tried your best to put things in place, yet nothing happened? I think it is time to move forward and quit that relationship because it will do you no good.. 

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