6 Ways Too Much Attachment spoils A Relationship.. 

Someone has rightly said, “Balanced relationships are always based on freedom, not obligation.” When you are in a relationship, you derive happiness from it. It gives you pleasure to be with the person you love. You always desire to be with him/her. 

You share your happiness, sorrow, achievements, failures, and just about everything that matters to you. Now, ask yourself this question, “Would you like to be with this person every minute of the day?” When emotions are running high and your relationship is just developing, you might say, “Yes.” But trust us, this “yes” will soon start quivering and gradually you will realise that you need time for yourself.

Both of you will want some “me” time and then you start thinking things all over again. You will realise that you should never get too attached to anyone.

You might wonder why not get too attached to someone you love. After all, you love each other, want to share a life together and live happily ever after. Well, if that is your dream and you want to turn it to reality, you must give space in relationship. And this space brings along many positive changes in your relationship.Here are some wasy that too much attachment spoils relationship.

Ways that too much attachment spoils relationship are:

1.Maintains Individuality: No matter how much you love your partner, his life is not going to become yours. You will share moments together, hear him out, be there when you need him, but yet his life remains his own. He will live it as an individual and you will have to do the same. You have your own life to live and maintain that separate identity of your own. Maintaining that individuality helps develop a sense of self-respect.

2.More To Share: When you have a set of separate friends, go out with your pals, pursue a hobby and do things all by yourself. This means that you have experiences to share with your partner. In such times, when both of you spend time together, you will have much more to share and talk about. The more you communicate with each other, the closer you get.

3.Brings Couples Closer: Going out with your friends, not being tied down together for every single activity is not being indifferent to each other. It means that you are pursuing what each of you loves and that brings happiness within your hearts. When you are filled with happiness and joy, you will exude the same towards each other, bringing you closer each day.

4.Builds Healthy Relationship: Never get too attached to someone because then you would unconsciously start moving towards nagging. Always being together makes you habituated to the presence of the other and small issues may get blown out of proportion. Being away from one other for certain periods negates these minor issues and the relationship moves towards healthy times.

5.Develops Independence: Not being dependent upon each other means developing a sense of self-independence. Being independent within a relationship is very important as this is the only way you can take care of yourself, your partner and family. And the same applies to your partner.

6.Strengthens Bonds: A little bit of distance means a great amount of closeness. When you are away from your partner for sometime, your love increases for each other. By giving space to each other, both of you will be giving each other one of the greatest gifts. It is only going to bring you closer than ever before.

These are the 6 ways  too much attachment spoils relationship.

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