The unresolved mystery of My life.. 


According to Anna Benson, 

Hey life, how are you doing?

Everybody loves you, everybody romances you.

Everybody is dreaming of you, forgetting the fact that you will never love/romance them in return.

My dear life,
Since birth, we are chasing an unknown fact and path, a path which doesn’t seem to end.

A path fascinated with money, glamour and hatred, a path where everybody is racing.

Irony is nobody knows what are they racing for?

A path where everybody is competing with one another.

Tell me how to come out of shadows of darkness.

Now that you are with me, I am your responsibility.

Please don’t fail me. If I fail, you fail.

Take me in your arms and show me I am worth enough to live this life.

Dear life,
My only complaint with you,
Why you made me love someone when you knew it won’t last forever?

You knew I will be hurt, you knew I will be shattered.

You knew about all the sleepless nights.

Still still still, yeah still you made me love.

But then I am greatful to you, for the friends I have.

Friends worth for living.

Friends worth dying for.

Friends worth enjoying every moment.

Friends worth forgetting every failure.

And then a supportive family,

A family standing by my side 24*7.

A family who did what not for my happiness.

A family who scarified their desires to meet my needs.

My beautiful life,

With all the amazing love and memories, one day I will be done with my life.

I will die in peace forever, beneath the ground in your arms.

I just have a small request.

After I die, keep me alive.

Alive in hearts of my near and dear ones.

Hope they remember me in their good times.

Bless them with health, wealth and give them strength,

For they are fighting a battle out there on earth.

Keep them safe as they are the warriors of our motherland.

Dear life,

With tears rolling through my eyes, I have one more request.

Hope you spread love, humanity and peace among each and every human being on motherland.
They need more of love than anything else.

Treat them equal.

Hope one day they will wake up and realize:


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