Tips to make your marriage/relationship a happy one..

Marriage is a big decision in the journey of the life. It is a relationship that requires lots of compromises, patience, understanding, commitment and love.


Life of both guy and girl change a lot once they get married. Unlike fairy tales, there is no concept of ‘Happily ever after’ in real world. Although there is no marriage where there is no fight but couple should know how to normalize their relationship. 

It’s you who have to take efforts for happy married life. We have brought few tips to make your married life happy. Follow these tips to make your marriage happy.

Resolve before sleep:-

If there is any issue between the couple then they should resolve it before sleeping. It is an effective tip to be followed in married life. So, whatever troubles you talk and sort it out. It’s better to sleep with healthy thoughts.

Express your mind:-

Keeping silence makes no sense in marriages. For a healthy marriage, you should speak your mind. Level of understanding should be good between you and your partner so that you don’t have any fear before saying anything. But never say anything that may hurt other.

Respect the differences:-

No two people can never always be agreed upon any matter. Hence, fight and arguments are common part of marriages. But it is important to accept that person and respect him or her. You are required to accept and appreciate the differences between you.

Don’t forget yourself:-

A marriage doesn’t mean that you forget your individuality and become totally dependent on your spouse. Care for your partner but don’t stop doing the things you like. If you start behaving untrue to yourself then the things will not work in future.

Cherish every day:-

A happy marriage is lifelong journey. You have to go through so many things every day. There are good as well bad times in marriage. But you should not stop loving and caring your partner. You should cherish everyday of your married life.


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