The top reasons to say No in a relationship.. Read more.. 

Saying “No” is often considered as a sign of selfishness that makes a person feel guilty and embarrassed.More often women avoid saying no because it might hurt the feelings of the other person reflecting badly on them. But one should always remember about the benefits of saying no in relationship.
Many people try to influence your decision as per their perspective which often forces a woman to say yes even when she meant a no.But the mantra from the new world focuses on the benefits of saying No in relationship of both personal and professional nature.

Every individual has the right to have a set of likes and dislikes which she should respect to have a more satisfied life ahead.Often when people say ‘Yes’ due to external pressures, they might regret later and feel discontented with the decision which was taken for them by others.

It is not necessary that these decisions turn out bad but if you say no, you are at least comfortable since it was your call to make.Saying no is also essential for having better habits in the future since if you say yes all the time people tend to take you for granted. A no would remind them to think twice in the future.Here are some reasons to say no in relationship.

Reasons to say no in relationship are:

1.Command Respect And Individuality: woman who has the strength to say no is often given more respect as not everyone expects you to say yes all the time. It is essential to maintain your individuality and hence, take the call to say no.This helps in increasing the trust in oneself making it one of the most important benefits of saying no in a relationship.

2.Unwanted People Free Life: Women often end up adding a lot of unwanted people to their life just because they are unable to say no at the right time. It is essential to get rid of all the people who add toxicity to your life early to move on in life.

3.Inner Strength: It increases your strength as you would be able to focus on your inner voice which is guiding you through it. You need guts to say No girl.

4.Save Time And Energy: It saves a lot of time and energy to say no at the first instance rather than fighting about it later on.

5.Low Stress Marker: Immediately after the impact of saying no can be stressful but over the long run it was essential since it lead to much lesser stress during your future endeavours. You would feel relaxed and happy by your decision adding to the benefits of saying no in relationship.

6.Shifting Focus To Relevance: Why should you say no more often could be answered by just three words of “Focus on Relevant Issues”. It is essential that one does not lose focus on aspects of life that one feels are important.Make that list for yourself and don’t let others decide. If you feel that your career is more important at the moment then it is one of the biggest benefits of saying no in relationship.

7.Good Night Sleep: Although, at first it might feel criminal but benefits of saying no in relationship would definitely help you sleep better at night as you feel more relaxed.

These are the reasons to say no in a relationship.

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